Tuna Fish in Brine

Golden Crown offers canned tuna fish in brine which is rich in protein, vitamin B, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acid and more.


Tuna Chunks in Oil

Golden Crown offfers a tasty & healthy oil-packed tuna chunks with more protein and vitamins in 185 gm tin pack.


Sardine Fish in Brine

Golden Crown sardine fish in brine is a powerhouse of micronutrients including phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin D etc.


Sardine Fish in Tomato Sauce

We offer Sardines in Tomato Sauce that has lip smacking taste and high nutritional values. Order today and get best offer!


Mackerel Fish in Brine

Golden Crown offers ideal source of protein in the form of healthy & tasty canned mackerel fish in brine.


Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry is a well known Indian dish and Golden Crown offers you a delicious ready to eat chicken curry.


Prawns in Brine

Golden Crown Prawns in brine are juicy and fresh. We provide across India for Sea food lovers


Prawn Curry

Golden Crown offers Prawn Curry with all safety and quailty assistance. Get the prawn curry at the best price.